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Cruzin With Steak

Sep 19, 2017

interview starts at 49:34 if you dont wanna hear our amazing intro ramblings..

In this episode Grimsteak, James, and Jerry Cthulhu have an epic conversation with Aaron David and Kelly Marie from Charm the Water. We discuss Magic and Aaron's personal experiences that led him on the path he's on today. You can contact Aaron across all forms of social media at charmthewater and visit his website

We are joined by Jerry Cthulu(@jablan), Failed(, and Suzanne(@bettyclares1) during the intro! 

Special Thanks go out to our Executive Producers:
Liberal Mike
Ryne Sigurdson
Darren Grimes

Without you guys this show wouldn't be possible! love you all of you!
Also thanks go out to Darren and Graham from Grimerica (
for setting up the chatroom that brought us all together!

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