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Cruzin With Steak

Oct 27, 2017

Interview starts at 1h3m

In this episode Grim and James talk with Josh Cutchin about fae folk, Ireland, and everything else in the world of strange! Josh currently has 2 books out called A Trojan Feast and The Brimstone Deceit. He also contributed an essay to Robbie Graham's UFO's: Reframing the Debate.

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Oct 19, 2017

Interview starts at 1hr15m. 

In this episode James, Grim, and Jerry Cthulhu talk with SMQ.AI. SMQ has a youtube channel where he talks about his ideas and theories. You can find his youtube chan at
and follow him on twitter @ai_smq

Special Thanks go out to our...

Oct 8, 2017

In this episode, James and Grimsteak talk with Adam, Rob, and the mythical beast known as Luke. We talked everything from the Vegas shooting to Roswell. You can find conspirinormal at . follow them on facebook or on twitter @conspirinormal . Enjoy the show :)

Special Thanks go out to our...

Oct 3, 2017

Interview starts at 57min mark

In this episode James, Grimsteak, and Jerry Cthulhu talk with Seriah Azkath from the Where did the Road go Podcast. We covered a wide range of topics, from text based adventure games to Seriah's experiencex with the strange and unusual! You can find all information about Seriah at